12 GPU Mining Rig Kit Setup

  • 1)Initial Setup
    A)Congratulations on purchasing a Colominer GPU mining kit
    B)Take your mining kit out of the box and set on a large open space near an outlet
    C)Grab a screwdriver (Phillips)
    D)Unscrew the cover and crossbars (carefully place screws into a separate bowls, you'll need them later if you'd like to replace the covers/cross bars)
    2)Power Supplies (PSU)
    A)Unbox your power supply and place the unit inside of your GPU mining kit
    B)Make sure the unit is facing the proper direction
    C)Screw in the PSU to the frame of the kit with the screwdriver and the screws
    D)Attach the power cord to the PSU, don't plug it into the wall yet, wait until later steps until you plug it in to avoid any mishaps
    3)Ethernet Setup
    A)Plug in your ethernet cord to the ethernet port on the rig and then connect the ethernet cord to your modem
    B)The connection should commence once the setup of the entire rig is complete, nothing else needs to be done regarding this at this time
    4)GPU installation
    A)Remove your GPU's from the box
    B)You should, at this time, be in possession of a static shock band (https://www.amazon.com/Rosewill-Anti-Static-Components-RTK-002-Yellow/dp/B004N8ZQKY) to prevent overload of any components
    C)Put your anti-static band on (and ensure grounding on the frame of the rig) and then place your GPU into the first slot on the motherboard
    D)Make sure the setup "clicks" into the motherboard, check your fit and ensure a snug setup
    E)Screw the GPU into the frame with a backplate screw (you can use the ones from unscrewing the frame if you don't intend to re-cover the rig)
    F)Repeat A-E until all GPU's are installed and your setup looks something like this
    0_1520204426206_Rig on table rotated.jpg
    G)Find PSU "PCIE" hookups that have the 6 or 8 pin (6+2) setups
    H)Hook up the requisite number of GPUs and the corresponding cords
    I)If you have a 12 GPU setup, only rig up 6 of the GPUs to one power supply, splitting the GPUs evenly between the two PSUs
    4A)GPU Setup #2/PSU Setup #2
    A)Ensure the 4-pin molex connectors (pictured below) are connected to the fans and the other miscellaneous connections on the motherboard are connected (various ATX hookups).
    0_1520203250291_4 pin molex real.jpeg
    5)Display hookup
    A)Hook up the display via HDMI from the motherboard to any display
    B)This is all that is needed at this time regarding the display
    C)A keyboard (wired USB connection) is also needed for setup at this time, mouse not needed
    6A)PSU Hookup #3
    A)Now you can hookup the PSUs with the power cables to the wall outlets
    B)Turn on your power supplies if they have the corresponding switches
    C)Turn on your rig with the switch on the back of the rig near the PSUs
    6B)SimpleMining settings and rig setting changes
    A)On a separate computer, create a SimpleMining Account (https://www.simplemining.com)
    B)Also on a separate computer, set up an Ether wallet (https://www.myetherwallet.com)
    b)Copy Ether wallet address and paste it into your SimpleMining account
    within the "OPTIONS: wallet" tab
    C)Now, on the mining rig, change the rig settings regarding the base email and how it connects to SimpleMining, as when you first start up your screen may look like this
    0_1520203465188_Regular Startup Screen.JPG
    or this
    0_1520203614668_Email Not Setup Screen.JPG
    D)The next step to get the rig up and running (mining) is to enter "vim /mnt/user/config.txt"
    If you're unable to enter anything try pressing both the control and "c" key
    until you're able to do so. Once this is complete enter the specified text.
    Once the text is entered you should go to a screen that includes a test
    email. Use the keyboard to change the desired settings to your proper
    email on a screen that should look like this
    0_1520203705779_email not changed setup screen USE.jpg
    After this you'll need to save the prompt using the command "wd". To check that your changes were saved properly use the command,
    "cat /mnt/user/config.txt" and ensure your email is the one saved on the rig.
    E)If you so desire, change the overclock settings on the SimpleMining setup to your desired settings. I haven't nor do I change anything but the voltage and the fan settings on the overclock settings, but not the core, memory, or undervolting settings. My SimpleMining OC settings look like this
    0_1520203817724_Simplemining OC settings.PNG
    All of my GPUs currently run on the stock SimpleMining settings and perform well.
    F)Ensure that you've chosen a mining pool (Colominer should help with this)
    8)Re-cover rig (optional)
    A)At this point your rig should be up and running and you should have your auxiliary fans on the rig running as well to ensure your GPUs stay cool (shoot for 65 degrees Celsius or less) and it will probably look a little like this (hopefully with less mess!)
    0_1520204388160_Rig on table rotated.jpg
    9)Enjoy your enormous mining profits!
    A)Each week your rig will deposit your mining proceeds from the week to your ether wallet. I highly recommend using the app "Etherstats" in the app store to assist in tracking of your rig as you can track the totals (of coin mined and current hashrate) in real time from your phone, for free. In app looks like this
    1_1520204090042_Hashrate monitor.jpg 0_1520204090042_Payments.jpg
    B)I also recommend setting up a Coinbase account with which you'll transfer your mining proceeds to, there you're able to trade and sell your profits freely and can deposit the proceeds to most mainstream bank accounts (Wells Fargo, etc)

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